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Disposable Aluminium Foil Grill Trays 2pack image
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Disposable Aluminium Foil Tray Grill Trays 2pack CaterGold ST80790

Disposable Aluminium Foil Tray Grill Trays 2pack CaterGold ST80790
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  • Model: ST80790
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Ideal way to barbecue food over the summer. These foil grills can be placed on top of a barbecue to cook food then once they are cooked you can serve them hile they or still on the tray. They are recyclable as well since they are made of aluminium foil. The size is measured from end to end on the longest side. They have cut out slots that let more heat through as well as grooves to drain excess fat and oil out. These trays help keep your barbecue grill clean during use as the tray is taking all the oils and grease and stopping

Cautions: Avoid using the platter to carry food around as the weight can cause the tray to bend and possibly fold inwards. Best practise is to place the platter on the table then place food on it afterwards.

Colour Silver
Material Aluminium
Size 34 x 22cm
Special Features Grooves and slots Cook and Serve
Item Type Foil Tray

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