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Keepsake Pet Urns

SKU: ST53040
These small decorative urns are made for storing small amounts of ashes after cremation to give to surviving family members and friends. They are masterfully hand crafted and finished so no two urns will be the same. They can store up to 3 cubic inches of ash. The urn has a matching screw on lid to ..
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Pet Dignity Crematorium Ashes Keepsakes & Caskets - Metal & Porcelain!

We offer a wide range of authentic metal and porcelain pet urns, pet caskets, pet ashes keepsakes, and pet keepsakes for ashes. Our collection includes hand-made handicrafts of stainless steel, ceramics, marble, and porcelain craftwork of Keepsake Urns. We also have cremation jewellery that can be used as a memorial for your loved ones.

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