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Aluminium Pizza Peel Spade 35x40x100cm

Aluminium Pizza Peel Spade 35x40x100cm image
Aluminium Pizza Peel Spade 35x40x100cm
Ideal for lifting pizzas, cakes, bread, pies, pastries out of an oven; could also be used for BBQs. Material: Aluminium spade, Long Wooden handle Pizza peel with extra-long handle for easy insertion and removal of pizzas - With a long handle, you can rest assured that you won't burn yourself on the oven Bake pizzas, tarte flambees, bread and other baked goods like a professional - A must-have for all pizza-lovers! Pizza peel made of aluminium - The flattened edge facilitates removing pizzas from the oven Place pizzas on the pizza board - Sprinkle flour on the peel, place the pizza on top and shove it onto the pizza stone -Ideal for lifting pizzas -Aluminium spade, Long Wooden handle -Place pizzas on the pizza board -Compatible with all ovens -Material: Wood, Aluminium -Product Dimensions: 35 x 40 x 100cm
Colour Silver
Material Aluminium
Pack Size 1
Size 35 x40 x 100cm
Item Type PIZZA

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