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SKU: ST9872
A large shopping bag with plastic zip that is suitable for carrying your groceries or laundry for cleaning or moving house etc.. The bag is approximately 80 x 70 x 26cm in size. It comes with carrying handles for lifting and can be folded to save space when not in use. -Lightweight plastic woven ba..
SKU: STR6609
Heavy duty bin bags for large bins in a variety of pack sizes. These bags won't rip easily when full of rubbish so you can lift and tie them properly. They won't leak either so you won't get waste liquids dripping underneath. These can be used for the home or business. Bag sizes 71 x 97cm..
SKU: ST3346
Soft 100% cotton cloth for cleaning. Made of cotton so it won't scratch your surfaces. They are multi purpose so you can use them to wipe and clean most smooth surfaces. Stitched edges to prevent ripping on the cloth -Dense cloth that traps dust for better results from wiping -Machine washable cott..
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